Support 80 SIP Extension
Up to 24 FXO Analog Voice Interface (CO Lines)
Up to 1 Digital Voice Interface (E1/PRI)
Maximum 40 Concurrent Calls

[Title name=’Description’]The Flex-1 is an affordable system, which contains highly functional IP-PBX Voice Server. This will be the best suite for small office or remote office in which the intelligence voice technology is important. Same as every Flex family, Flex-1 Voice Server combines the functionality of a PBX, SIP proxy, Voice Mail server, and more.Flex-1 Server combines the functionality of a ADSL Router, IP-PBX, SIP proxy, IVR Server, Voice Mail server, and more.[/Title][Title name=’Features’]

Support Protocols


Support Devices

– Softphone
– IP-Phone
– WiFi phone / DECT phone
– Video Phone
– Paging Device
– Door Phone
– ATA, Gateway

Management Interfaces

– Active Call Monitoring
– Active Phone Monitoring
– Active Call Hangup / Transfer
– Active Agent Monitoring
– Billing System Management
– Billing Rate Management
– Backup and Restore Management
– Call Recording Management
– Call Recording Backup System
– Customizable Multiple User Type
– Call Details Record Management (CDR)
– Conference Call Recording Management
– External Storage Management
– Firewall Configuration
– High Availability Configuration (HA)
– Internal Voice Prompt manager (upto 4 languages)
– Network Configuration & Tools
– Network Security Configuration
– Phone Book with Click-to-Dial Support
– Resource Statistic Graph & Monitor
– Screen Pop-up Management
– System / Service Monitor
– UPS connectivity for Automatic Shutdown

PABX Features

– Automatic Returning Call Routing
– Autoprovisioning for SNOM / Yealink
– Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
– CallerID-Based Call Routing
– Call Routing based on preset schedule time
– Call Routing to Voicemail, IVR, Group, Conference Room or Internal-Extensions number
– Customer Satisfaction
– Easy Call Permission System
– External Database Connector
– IVR (Interactive Voice Response) with Multiple Levels, Programmable Call Flow, Programmable Number
– Multi-Group / Multi-Company
– Multiple call-path on single route, support both PSTN and SIP trunk technology
– Multiple rules are support on single trunk channel
– Multiple trunk for a single rules and will automatically use the next lower priority truck when the first trunk is unavailable
– Music on hold integrated with mp3, wav
– multiple call pattern on single rule
– Multiple Conference Room / Realtime Control
– Multiple Sites / Server Connectivity
– Paging System
– PABX-LINK Connectivity to others PABX system
– Programmable destination call pattern
– Short text message sending to phone directly from web-interface
– Support Route Password (enter password before dial out)
– Time Based Incoming / Outgoing Call Rules
– User-Based GUI
– Virtual Number
– Yearly/Weekly Call Schedule System


– Call-Center Report
– Customer Satisfaction Report
– Call Report Graph
– Complex Call Rate Setup
– DID Number Report
– Excel-based call cost setup
– System and Hardware Report
– System Status Report
– Time-base calling cost
– Web-Based CDR/Billing System (Excel, CSV exportable)
Other Features – Backup / Restore of the IP-PBX configurations – Backup / Restore of Voice Prompt, Music-on hold
– Employee performance report
– Web-based phone book, Click-to-Dial
(both Central Phonebook and Individual phonebook)

PSTN Connectivity Option

– SIP-based VoIP Operator
– SIP Account / SIP Trunk
– FXS Interface
– FXO Interface
– SIP Based Analog / Digital VoIP Gateway
– SIP Based GSM VoIP Gateway
– Skype Connect

Basic Call Features

– Attended Transfer / with status
– Blind Transfer / with callback
– Call Hold
– Call Parking
– Call Pickup
– Call Forward on busy / no answer
– Follow me (multiple level)
– Do Not Disturb
– Extension Pickup
– Intercom
– Outgoing call lock
– One Touch Record
– Private Whisper
– Recordable User Greeting

Voicemail & Message Center System

– Voicemail storage more than 1000hrs
– Voicemail notification via MWI (Message Waiting Indicator)/ Email
– Voicemail attached to users’ e-mail
– Web-based voicemail system

Advanced Call Features

– Custom Call Forwarding
– Fax Server / Fax Passthrough
– Roaming Station / Reseated
– Softphone Account
– User-Defined dialplan program
– Video Call
– Video Conference (Required MCU)
– XML Language for Phone Integration

Call Center Features

– Agent Login / Logoff
– Agent Skill Support
– Automatic Call Distribution(ACD)
– Customizable Queue setup
– Coaching (Whisper)
– Channel Spy
– Call Recording
– Call Routing on DID number
– Call Queue System (Roundrobin, Leastrecent, Fewest call, etc)
– CRM / CTI Integration (addon)
– Full name/ Number CallerID
– Integrated Easy CRM Software
– Multiple Agent Type Support
– OneTouch Login / Logoff
– OneTouch Pause / Unpause
– Screen Pop-up / CRM Integration
– Realtime Queue Monitoring
– Supervisor Management
– Screen POPUP (addon)
– Voice Recording


[Title name=’Datasheet’] PLEXTEL Datasheet Q2 2015 [/Title] [1234]