MCU Supports up to 4 Simultaneous Conferences

  Up to 29 Participants per Conference (16 Viewable HD)

  Aggressively Priced

   Hosted, Managed, or On-Premise

   Any SIP/H.323 End Point or Soft Client (Including Mobile Clients)

  All-Inclusive – No Hidden Costs

  Desktop/content sharing with both SIP and H.323/H.239

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The Most Affordable Video Conferencing Solution

Video Conferencing has become an increasingly popular service, widely used by enterprises, organizations and individuals. Boosted by the massive growth in smartphone and tablet use, and the widespread adoption of multimedia applications, video conferencing is quickly becoming the natural choice for interpersonal and organizational communication.

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Standard based signaling and coding technology

– Orion‐VX1000/VX2000 is able to
connect different devices, from room
systems, to desktop video phones, to
video clients running on smart phones
or tablets. Orion‐VX1000/VX2000
transcodes the video conference
providing the best available video
conference quality to every participant.


– SIP, H.323, H.239. Mixed (SIP, H.323)
conferences are supported.

Bridge Support

– Support for both voice only bridge or
video conferencing capabilities

Voice Codecs

– G.711a, G.711u, G.722.1i
, G.722.

Video Codecs

– H.264, MPEG4, H.263

Video Resolution

– HD (720p),4CIF, VGA, CIF  and QCIF

Transmitted Bandwidth

– HD Participant (720p, 30 FPS): 768Kbps‐2Mbps
– VGA Participant (640×480, 30FPS): 512Kbps‐1.2Mbps
– CIF Participant (352×288, 30FPS): 200Kbps‐512Kbps

Requested Received Bandwidth

– HD Participant: up to 2Mbps
– VGA Participant: up to up to 1.2mbps
– CIF Participant: up to 512kbps

NAT/PAT Traversal Capabilities

– Network and Port address translation
capabilities for firewall traversals.
Supporting both near‐end and far‐end
firewall/NAT traversal.

Bandwidth Allocation

– Per conference configuration for low,
medium and high bandwidth networks

H.323 Gatekeeper Registration

– Support registration of access numbers
and conference rooms on H.323

Web Management

– Built in simple web management
systems allows users to configure the
system, provision conferences, and
monitor and control conferences in
real time.

Role based Management

– Password protected administration
access for platform administration and
conference management. Different
roles are supported for platform
management and conference

Multiple language Support

– The Orion‐VX1000/VX2000 localization
Web management enables adding new
languages easily and translating any
text field from English to any language.
Right to Left support.


– The Orion‐VX1000/VX2000 can be
upgraded via the Web management
New versions are distributed via
update server through the internet.

Maintenance and Diagnostics

– Available Maintenance actions:
Application restart, Hardware reset,
System Status, Shutdown and
collecting a diagnostic trace

Dynamic Video Layouts

– Orion‐VX1000/VX2000 provides
dynamic video layouts.  As video
participants join the conference, the
layouts automatically adjust to provide
the optimal coverage of all viewed

SIP RFC Compliancy

– Orion‐VX1000/VX2000 supports SIP,
according to the following RFCs:
RFC3261, RFC4566, RFC2976, RFC3262,
RFC3263, RFC 3264, RFC4317,
RFC3581, RFC3966, RFC4028, RFC2833,
RFC3550, RFC3551, RFC 3951, and


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