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Plextel Precise 1 (Call Center Edition)

Upto 320 users in Precise 1

[Title name=’Description’]- Call-Center/Contact-Center features with CRM Integration and call recording.Multi – Organization IP-PBX which allow multiple group of userson the same IP-PBX. Cost Saving such as free inter-network calling (internet/3G) and Low-cost Call via VoIP. Improve user productiviity (Conference Room; Multi-level auto-attendant (IVR); voice mail; Public-Announcement system; Intercom and Paging system) Call reporting with our intergrated Call-Center reporting, Billing, CDR report, Call report, and much more. Realtime control with your conference, call-center and your extensions. Unify Communication, allow voice, video, call record, fax, CRM, voicemail, CDR.That are only available to high-end PBX but at a lower cost.


[/Title][Title name=’Features’]
Management Interfaces Features

– Call Recording Management
– Call Recording Network Backup System (SMB/NFS)

Call Center Features

– Agent Login / Logoff
– Agent skill support
– API for 3rd party software connectivity
– Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
– Customer Satisfaction Score
– Customizatle Queue setup
– Coaching (whisper) / Channel Spy
– Call Recording
– Call Queue System (roundrobin, leastrecent,
fewest call, etc)
– CRM integration
– Integrated easyCRM software
– Muitple Agent Type support
– OneTouch Loging/Logoff
– OneTouch Pause/UnPause
– Private Whisper
– Screen pop-up / CRM intergration
– Realtime Queue monitoring
– Supervisor management

Call-Center Report

– Inbound and Outbound Report
– Overview Report
– Summary Report
– Answered Report
– Unanswered Report
– Agent Report
– Customer Satisfaction Report


[Title name=’Datasheet’] PLEXTEL Datasheet Q2 2015 [/Title] [1234]

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